Sunday, September 23, 2012

A New Chapter

I am sitting at my desk with an almost empty glass of wine trying to decide how to make our big announcement.
After all after you move, get engaged, get married, have a baby, graduate from high school and college, you get to send an announcement , SO why can’t we announce this?
“We are excited to announce the arrival of Coot and Loon. They are the newest addition to our family at 7 and 8 pounds respectively. They arrived to our home on August 29, 2012 courtesy of their foster home at Jarrettsville Veterinary Center.”
How crazy is that? Announcing the arrival of our latest bundles of joy?
I don’t have children? I haven’t had an engagement party, a baby shower, a house warming, why can’t we have a new cat adoption announcement?
I have every intention of having these two as a part of my family for at least two decades. That’s three times longer than the average time someone lives in the same home. I think I am perfectly sane and within reason to make a really big deal about this. I should be shouting their arrival from the rafters and searching online for a super cute papery ensemble that accurately reflects my joy, excitement, and long term responsibility and commitment.
Perhaps adopting a cat (or two) is equivalent to buying an article of clothing or even a piece of furniture to some (hence their lack of fanfare and celebration), but for me it is on par with adopting a baby (or twins!).
It is a lifelong commitment (based on previous experience I expect every bit of twenty years) to raising a kind, gentle, affectionate soul who greets me at the end of each day with a hug, a purr and a gentle head butt.
We will spend their formative years going over which behaviors are appropriate, (purr, knead, cuddle, and keep us company through all of the long days and nights of life), and those that are inappropriate (killing small defenseless creatures, sharpening claws on furniture, jumping on the counter, and hissing at our brothers and sisters).
That’s my job after all, to be their parent, to help guide them, provide for them, to accept them as they are, the intricate complicated individuals that they are, and to love them unconditionally.
That's it, I'm websurfing for the perfect card. Be warned friends, they will be arriving soon!
Coot and Loon officially became members of our family two weeks ago. I had just lost my dear 20 year old Midnight to a long fierce battle with kidney disease. She is the second to last member of the crew I adopted in the early 90’s. There were 12 in all. Only Donner, my three legged, (he lost his front right leg to cancer three years ago), and last of the Christmas kitties remains. I have started a new clan of cats with Wren, and since her arrival a year ago, Magpie (Joe changed Sprout to Magpie), and the Tuxedos Coot and Loon) have arrived. (Note to self; I don’t think I will go back to the days of 12 again. It’s an awful lot of litter to clean and too many cats to keep from getting behavioral issues).
For now we are taking our time to provide every member with a safe and secure home. There is a highly regimented system for everyday and a short and long term plan in place to maximize our likelihood of success in integrating every member into our family. I will go into my suggestions for introducing a new cat into your home at a later date, but for now, things are a little on the trial basis. We will pay special attention to see whose personalities work with whose, and who needs a little more time to acclimate. I will also spend lots and lots of time with each of them individually to determine their own individual needs and wants. It is a new chapter and a new beginning and the first few steps and weeks are imperative to a long happy healthy life together.
Meet the new kids!
Coot and Loon

Coot, the happy, relaxed cat. Seems to be adjusting to his new home fine.

Loon, the female.
Ear-tipped because she came from a colony of all black and white cats,
and her original owner needed a way to distinguish who had
and had not been spayed/neutered.
She is sweeter than Coot, but a little more timid.

Coot, belly-up again.


The entire gang.
We go for a walk together at the end of every day.
Everyone gets along well, and there is mutual respect and trust between the cats and dogs.
Everyone stays with us, and we live far away from a road, or any other people or pets.
We are very fortunate to have our secluded private spot,
and all of the pets are trained to stay with us.
From left to right: Wren, Loon, Jekyll, Magpie, Charleston,Coot.

The entourage headed back to the house.

Oh! How I love my kitties!


  1. Congratulations Krista and Joe on the new additions! They are adorable!!

    I'll keep an eye out for that card. ;-) (awesome idea!!!)

  2. I agree with Adam. The kitties couldn't have found a better place to live. If you need any special photos taken of your guys, let me know.

    Robert Biser

    I don't know how that UGhorse (UltraGuard Horse Fence)name got on there. Oh well.