Monday, August 27, 2012

The End Of The First Chapter

I knew this day was coming.

All pet owners know that someday they will have to say goodbye. That someday their beloved companion will no longer be with them and that we just never get enough time with them no matter how long that time is.

I have already told you all about how Midnight came into my life. A tiny speck of black kitten found at a auto garage near my first apartment. She was spotted by my boyfriend and he knew she was too little and too fragile to be left there. If she somehow managed to avoid the dangers of the garage she would be killed on the busy highway the garage was on. Without asking me he brought her home and I knew this was the guy for me.

She is the last living remains of a time in my life I am far removed from. She traveled with me from that apartment to our home in Blacksburg where I spent 15 years, and went to vet school. To my life here in Pa on a farm, and running this veterinary practice. She has been with me every step of the way for two decades.

Saying goodbye to her was as hard as saying goodbye to any of my other cats, but it also meant the end of everything she has helped me through.

I think of Maggie, the little Yorkie, who was attacked by the Rotties boarding at JVC, and how Maggie means so much more than just a pet to her owners. She is the last living reminder of their son who died at such a young age and who's absence has left them clinging to Maggie in his place.

Saying goodbye to Midnight is the last page of the last chapter of a life I remember being long ago, but still miss in some ways. It's the loss of a time, and a place, and a person I am no longer around. And for today, for me, I am sad to let go forever.

There is always a piece of my heart in that place and time but there isn't anything to touch anymore.

With little Wren peeking from behind the pillow

On my lap. Her favorite place to be.
Here is Midnight's original blog, from last August.

I know that everyone doesn't get so attached and I know that for everyone this isn't a normal response, BUT I have forewarned my husband that tomorrow I am bringing home two clinic cats. They have been at the clinic waiting for a home for almost a year, and tomorrow they come here, to help me start a new page in the first chapter of a new book in the rest of my life. I hope they are with me for the next two decades to come.

What kind of crazy cat sleeps on a chair ontop of a table? MINE!!

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  1. Krista, there are simply no words to express the sadness in my heart. I am so sorry about Midders.. She was so special. The tears are streaming...