Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Caring for Pets in Hot Weather Poster

This poster was forwarded from a good friend.

I think it does a great job of putting the pets clinical signs into a very informal understandable format.

For my blogs on heat intolerance; http://tinyurl.com/8rrbgk4
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  1. Wondering if it lacks a notation about hot pavement. I didn't think about the pavement my dog walks on, until I moved to CO and the temperature was over 100 degrees for an extended time last summer. Now, I am very concerned about taking my dogs out and having them walk on hot pavement. I saw some dogs being taken into a PetSmart store last week, middle of the afternoon on a hot day, and I wondered how hot the parking lot was... and whether or not PetSmart shouldn't be posting your poster plus a mention of watch for hot pavement!

  2. Hello Yvonne,

    What a good point!

    The pavement can get extremely hot to the point of almost melting! And that hot pavement can burn the foot pads of pets, or even melt onto them and be very difficult to remove.

    I did not make the poster but it absolutely should have a mention about he hazards of feet on pavement.

    The young pets are at the greatest risk of burn or injury because their foot pads are not developed until they are about a year old, so they are the ones I worry most about.

    If it is hot, then be very careful walking your pet on pavement or beaches. In general, if you think it it too hot for you to go barefoot it is too hot for your pet to be bare pawed.

    Thank-you so much for reading and for reminding us how dangerous the heat of summer can be to our pets.


  3. Excellent! It's just a great info-graphic you have added here. Pets need special care during hot weather because their body is not meant to tolerate excessive hot. Being an owner, it's our responsibility to be watchful for it. Thanks a lot for your tips. It's really helpful for me. Summer Pet care tips.