Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Tribute To A Beagle. Jekyll, and the boy behind the nose.

It is time to pay homage to the lives in my sphere of existence who matter most.

It is time to tell the world about the lives only I know in the way that I know them.

It time to tell their tale, share their lives, and build them a chance beyond me. It is what a parent is put here to do. Love them along the journey of building them to live beyond me.

What if every person who loved every other took the time to put that love on paper? What if every parent loved their kids soo much they provided for them, both emotionally, financially, and physically?

There is life after yours. It is the place where this blog starts,, and the place where Jekyll will live on without me. Even if neither of us are physically here any longer.

Jekyll is a beagle. All beagle. He is welcoming to every human. Has no prejudice to anyone. He is Snoopy incarnate; mischievous, calculating, self-centered, obsessive, and charming. He lets his nose guide him, even if that nose leads him two miles away and into a strangers car for a lift home. He is as equally happy wet, dirty, and covered in detritus from four counties. as he is belly up spread eagle on my white linen couch.

He knows how to work a crowd. Whether it be for a food scrap, a ride in the back of the farm equipment, or a lap to scratch the velvet ears until the eyes roll back into a hibernating slumber.

Jekyll is the pup you trust with everyone, implicitly. He never takes advantage of a life less fortunate. He knows to be respectful to the cat who reminds him every single day that canine cowers to feline.

He is intelligent to the point of cynical.

He is on post, at all times. There is no rest, no day-off, no time to let your guard down.

He is curious to the point of careless. He can wander. It can drive you batty with worry. He takes off because,,, well,, he cannot control the urge. It is the calling of his most primal part of the ancestors soul that whispers him to go see what that smell is.." It calls him in invisible droplets of mysterious lures to far off lands with magical beasts awaiting his discovery. It puts his life in peril and causes me endless days of tracking across fields to retrieve my hound refusing to acknowledge, or pause, to heed my pleas to return home. He will not and cannot come home until he can no longer carry his solid paunch forward. He only stops when he can no longer track forward, which almost inevitably leaves him sitting pig-style panting in a field of the neighbors. Husband in Gator for beagle retrieval required.

Jekyll will be fine without me. He has that "jena se qua". It is star quality charm set among irresistable ears, a NASA Hubel nose, spotted caramel coat, and a face that reminds you to surrender your heart, soul, and sandwich. He can entice you to not be mad or disappointed, and not ever think you are in charge of a soul destined to wander the unchartered, unnavigable, and yet undiscovered wrinkles in the landscape I only see a fragment of the detail he does.

What does your pet bring to your life?

How do they enlighten you to see the world differently?

And, what plans have you made to insure they live beyond you?

Love you Jek-Jek. mom.. and dad.

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