Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Gifts of 2014.

Oscar's mom made me handmade Christmas cards,
a whole slew of them! They are too beautiful!

 It has been a wonderful year full of miracles, compassion, generosity, and love. I am so grateful to all of my staff, friends, and family for helping to make Jarrettsville Vet the amazing, inspiring place that it is.

Here is a very small assembly of the people and the pets who brought the spirit of this special day to us the whole year long.

Merry Christmas!

My favorite Christmas cards for 2014;

A small assortment of the Christmas cards from this year. Our family isn't complete without our pets beside us.

Levi's Christmas card.
He had a challenging year, but he is so loved!
and he is still happy and healthy.

Bica and Kaldi's card.
Their parents make them every year.
I cherish them...

Can you believe how precious this one is?
This one couldn't be any cuter,,

Yep, all of the pets make their card every year!

My sister uses her photo from Pets With Santa 2014

One of our dear friends makes her cards every year.
Here is her cat and pig..
I look forward to this card every year!

Some of my favorite furry souls..

I know I am not supposed to have them. But these kids make my life feel purposeful and they remind me that I don't have to have buildings, or streets, or cereal boxes with my name or picture on them to have made a mark on this world... and those who made the biggest impact on this passing year..


Found by my sister and I on the side of the road..
I didn't think she would live another 2 days.
She is the happiest indoor cat ever, and,
she is the story of why I became a vet.
So I never had to leave a soul in need behind.


No one makes you happier than Wendy.

found at the Humane Society.
There is magic, if you look for it, in those shelters.
 The 2014 cases that are indelibly etched, and molded who I am;
Aurora and Cinderellla.
A pair with a happy ending.
Their parents and I met under dire sad circumstances,
but from it grew a true friendship and two healthy rescued pups.

The Reindeer puppies of Black Dogs and Company rescue.

always a goofy face and a request for a snuggle.

Who gave me a choice and a voice.

Although Coco's story did not have a happy ending,
we did everything that we could,
and we did it all pro bono.

Her story was possible because dozens of people cared, invested time, and money and
believed that happy endings can arise from disastrous beginning
The story of Leo,
I still can't bear to write it.
But I will never forget him.

The one pup who fueled my desire to
disrupt the face of veterinary care as we know it.

Some of the people who make life so wonderful!

The place I hope to help pets around the world,
and of course, for free!

Because a Miracle can transcend a life.

I could never list all of the people who help to make Jarrettsville such an amazing place! I sincerely Thank You!
Merry Christmas!
And a HUGE Thank-You to all of our family, friends, and supporters!

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