Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring In Her Step

It was a beautiful Spring day,,  and look who went out for a walk by the pond..

Savannah has made it through the winter, and is marching into Spring..who knows, Summer better watch her back, this old girl is stubborn!

There is something mysterious and magical about the emergence of Spring. Every creature is re-awakened and rejuvenated by the longer days, the warming sunshine, and the undeniable hint of germinating seeds just below our toes.

I hear it from my clients every year. Their old pup has a long since unseen new skip in their step, is playing with toys again, jumping on the bed or couch after months of sleeping on the floor, and came back to the house with a muddy nose and dirty paws.

Jekyll, whose biggest thrill today was finding a spot of dirt soft enough to dig in..

It was a long hard difficult battle getting Savannah to Spring, but she is having a much easier time with her anxiety, her sleep periods, and her overall happiness since she has been able to get more outside time.

I have an optimistic sense of possibilities for her. That her nights aren't so dark, her days aren't as confusing, and that she will be able to die an old lady at peace with the world she lives in. Funny how life shrinks down to such a minute list of wants when the light starts to dim.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day to the beginning of their weekend.

Oh, and for all of you stragglers out there, there has been a wonderful explosion of visitors to the Pawbly site. I am answering loads of questions, posting pictures of my pets playing, sleeping, etc etc..and enjoying the other members sharing their experiences and stories with the rest of us. I hope to see you there!

Even Magpie is feeling a bit frisky...

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