Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dishtowel #47

Got a video from my sister yesterday. The caption read, 

"Dishtowel #47"

It's her two dogs Shea and Bandit playing outside in their yard.

My response;
"Perhaps it's time to invest in dog toys?"

Her reply,
"They have a million yet just like human kids they get bored after two days."

Thanks for the video Diedra..good luck getting your dishes dried.

Even though we are expecting another foot of snow tonight, my mom decided to decorate my house for Spring and Easter. (Thanks mom!).

Looks beautiful, however, I am having some difficulty keeping the critters out of it...

Critter No. 1

Critter No. 2

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend..I saw snowdrops poking through the ground yesterday. A sure sign that Spring is coming!

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