Friday, March 15, 2013

MD Man Dies of Rabies From Transplant

I said that I would keep everyone posted on the news that was reported a few days ago about a Maryland resident who had died from rabies. It was the first case reported since 1976.

I have been checking for any other news since.

It was revealed today that the man who died was given a heart transplant that was infected with rabies from the heart donor.

How terrible is that? Some poor guy waiting for a heart transplant, and then he gets a heart from a guy who died from rabies. Tragedy with a capital T!

To make the story even more devastating this isn't the first time that someone has gotten organs from a person with rabies. Organs for transplant are not tested for rabies because their are only 3 places that can test for rabies. The turn around time for this is about 2 days, which is to long for organs to wait.




Here is the complete story.

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