Friday, March 8, 2013

Dogs With No Names

The inter-dependency between dogs and man is thought to be almost as old as mankind itself. We have relied on each other and prospered because of each other since the dawn of civilization. It is a truly remarkable relationship that has proven to be remarkable in the fields of search and rescue, independence for those with disabilities and medical conditions as well as helped humans live longer, happier, and healthier lives. 

Many of us self-proclaimed dog lovers share our life, our home and our bed with our four legged furry companions. 

How is it then that so many dogs remain homeless around the world?

Dogs suffer terrible and tragic fates in every corner of the globe to this day. Their survival instincts, adaptability skills and reproduction rates complicate their plight. The average homeless dog lives an average of three years. In those three years they can produce up to 60 offspring. Those pups struggle to survive with scarce food, threats from predators, parasites, disease, and man.

In 2009 two residents of Alberta, Canada developed a pilot program to implant a contraceptive under the skin of the homeless dogs living on two First Nations reserves. To date, over one hundred dogs have been successfully implanted and these implants have saved thousands of unwanted litters of puppies being born.
The two women responsible for this effort are animal health technologist  Lori Rogers and veterinarian Judith Samson-French. Dr. Samson-French has just published a book titled “Dogs with No Names: In Pursuit of Courage” and 100 percent of the proceeds of the book will go to support the project she helped develop.

What a wonderful answer to a problem that mankind has ignored for too long, and what an amazing breakthrough in medicine to have the ability to help our best friends face one less hardship.

Compiled from an article in the Spring 2013 Bark magazine.

To learn more about this project, and ways that you can help, buy this incredibly moving book, and help the lives on these dogs please see the link below

“So a dog without human companionship is doomed to suffer and die. 
Freedom is death for a dog.” – Judith Samson-French DVM, from the book: Dogs With No Names

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