Thursday, November 8, 2012

Modern Dog Fall 2012

I have decided to spoil myself a little and get subscriptions to all of my favorite dog magazines. (Truth be told, I justified it as "research" and promised to bring each copy to the clinic reception area magazine rack after i read them).

In the current issue of Modern Dog magazine I found a bunch of interesting articles.

I wanted to share some of them with you.

On page 14, "Eye Love" article about Ann Sachs eyewear line. Where super stylish (right up my alley!), eyewear is sold with ALL profits going to rescue dogs. "The Pixie Project" is named after company president Ann Sach's rescue dog.

Also check out A website to help raise awareness about the importance of spaying, neutering, and adopting. (Huh, sounds like my blog!). They, like me, and my partners at, are trying to get us to the point where we are a no kill nation. Where every pet who needs a home will have a home...

BUT my favorite part of this months issue is the "Survey Says" section.
I will summarize it;

92% would accept a job with lesser pay to bring their dog to work.

97% celebrate their dog's birthday.

78% of dogs sleep in their owners bed.

96% think dogs experience emotions similar to humans feel, such as grief, guilt, anxiety, and love.

92% think the formal standards for purebred dogs should be changed to focus on health rather than appearance.

85% of people pick up after their dog, even if no one is watching,

71% think ear-cropping abd tail-docking should be illegal in North America.

88% would dump their significant other if he/she didn't like their dog.

84% think their dog is a better housemate than their partner.

This survey was done by the magazine and polled from the magazines readers. I am so happy to see that so many dedicated owners are out there!

And that my devotion to my pets (dogs and cats and pig) is just as strong as the readers of this incredibly inspiring magazine!

To read more you can find them at


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