Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Favorite Time of Day

Nothing in the world makes me happier then being home with my pets.

Today was a rainy summer day, and everyone decided to watch TV and nap.

Charlie, top left, Savannah on the floor, Jekyl at end of couch on the floor,
Wren on the far end of the couch, and Donner at front of picture.
It's a good life.

The only creature stirring is the house sparrow who built a nest in the flower pot on my porch just off the dining room.

Because our house is under restoration my temporary desk is on the dining room table. So as I sat and typed all day I got to watch her bring bugs to her babies. She arrives with a boisterous cacophony of chirps and a delectable treat. She delivered groceries to her 5 bald big beaked babies every 10 minutes. I am impressed by her vigor and stamina. She is entertaining and inspiring. I guard her nest like a tyrant.

Mom is on the edge of the flower pot, right in front of the vertical metal support.
She's fast, so this was my best shot of her.
The nest is the pile of twigs on the near side of this pot, right in front of her.

3 day old babies.

Feed Me!!

The rest of the inside clan ignores her most of the time. Wren and Sprout can occasionally be seen sitting near the glass door to peer in on their comings and goings. The birds announce their arrival with groceries and the cats go running to see the deliveries.

Little Sprout is my constant companion. She follows me everywhere. If I stop to hesitate she writhes between my ankles and curls her tail to hobble my movement. I have grown very attached to her. She is a purring monster and she has fit in seamlessly. She is starting to play with the dogs, unwilling as they are to acknowledge her.


It is a perfect day at home.

Charlie, obviously very comfortable.


Charlie & Savannah


This is Jekyl's morning routine. Lots of yawns, belly rubs, and kisses.

The it is time for the back rub on the bed boogie!

Have a great Sunday everyone.

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