Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Kitten Cures What Ails Me

I was having a record breaking terrible week.

I was at the point of wanting to throw in the towel, like permanently, forever, moving to an island, wearing ragged clothes, sitting on a stoop, and drowning myself in cheap rum made from fermented cow saliva. It was bad. It happens.

I was emotionally, physically, and mentally spent, running below the red line, and coasting to an all stop.

I tried to sleep more, exercise more, and tried a last ditch effort impromptu date night to see if I could bail my bad attitude out. Nothing worked.

So I did what any normal level-headed animal lover would do.

I opened a cage, picked up a (partially broken) kitten who had been brought to us by the wonderful people at Animal Rescue Inc to repair a fractured dislocated ankle. We sat down together, two broken souls in a place that too often houses sad beginnings, a few unfinished tales, and occasionally a miracle or two. I needed her to cuddle and purr in my neck as I smothered her with my own self-pity.

Low and behold! It worked!! I felt better!

I put her back after my self esteem had picked up past the drown myself in tears point, and I went back to work.

I visited her cage at least ten more times that day.

By 8 pm, the lights were being turned out and I was headed out the door, I stopped by her cage to give her one last kiss goodbye and good night.

As I said my thanks to her for helping me get through the day she kissed my chin and purred herself into a roar.

It was settled. She was coming home to see how she did with Wren. After all Wren was as lonely as I was. It made perfect sense.

I took her home, broke it to my husband, and waited to see if there was any other unrest from the family.

Lucky for us all, she ignored my old kitties, and let Wren stalk her.

It has been a week, and she is officially ours.

Here she is.

Wren checking out the new kid.

Here is our new baby Magpie..

Bug? Was that a BUG??

Wren wondering what the heck that crazy kitten is doing now?

New Kitten ROAR!!!
Sprout's name was officially changed about 6 months later. When we collectively decided that we were adopting a little orange kitten. The cats seemed to fit better as a group when we stuck to the bird theme. So Sprout became Magpie, and that little orange kitten became Oriole.

September 2014.
Magpie is her own cat. She is officially in charge of the new wing of the house. She much prefers her own space and the defined parameters of a restraining order on the more playful kitties. If you are on her side of the border you adhere to her rules. It works, she has her space and we have the afternoon shift on her turf.

She still has the magic cat ability to cure whatever ails me. If you don't have a cat in your life you just might be missing out on some purr-poseful enchantment.

If you see these eyes you'd better keep you toes under cover!

 The photo gallery of the last 2 years.

A favorite spot.

Can you guess who is in charge?

She monitors and surveys all fronts!

Who says there isn't enough room for a small cat nap?

Head shot for the agencies.

So not her bed!
(Note the dog theme!)

This morning, (9/19/14) coffee and therapy session in pj's,
what else could right your wrongs?
If you have a cat that rules your life, our who provides you a place to unwind and remind you how incredibly beautiful life is please share your stories, photos, and pet experiences with us at Pawbly is a community built by and for pet lovers to help pets around the globe live longer, happier, healthier lives. It is free for everyone to use.

You can also find me at the clinic, occasionally snuggling and cat-napping kittens between appointments at Jarrettsville Vet, in Harford County, Maryland.

Many BIG HUGE THANKS to the compassionate people at Animal Rescue Inc., in New Freedom Pa who tirelessly save lives big, small, broken, abandoned, and desperate every single day of every single year. You all inspire me everyday to give more and ask less. And, most of all, Thank You for saving Magpie I would be lost without her in my life.

Animal Rescue's website.


  1. I'm a very regular client at your office - and I started reading your blog via facebook. I just had to comment on this post because I have been trying to get everyone I know to name a new pet Sprout for what seems like forever! Congratulations on the new kitty.