Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Pit Bull Story That Reminds Us How Wonderful These Dogs Really Are

After all of the bad press and ridiculous passage of new laws passed by people who don't understand how amazingly kind, sweet and gentle these dogs really are, I thought this story might remind us to keep our hearts open and remember a dangerous pet is much more likely to be the product of a bad owner than a bad breed.

Thanks to Captain Dowd for forwarding this story to me.

BOSTON, May 8, 2012 Just after midnight on May 3 the engineer of a westward-bound freight train witnessed an extraordinary scene as he barreled toward a railway crossing in Shirley, Mass.—a dog was frantically pulling an unconscious woman away from the tracks. The engineer made every attempt to stop the train but was unable to avoid striking 8-year-old Pit Bull Lilly before she could clear herself from the train’s wheels. Lilly’s human companion was unharmed but the dog was not nearly as fortunate. The train’s wheels sliced through her right foot, fractured her pelvis in multiple locations and caused other internal injuries. Critically wounded, Lilly lay down next to her companion, who remained unconscious until help arrived.
Lilly Stays Calm Throughout Calamitous Scene
The train’s engineer later told first responders that he witnessed the dog pulling the woman—Christine Spain of Shirley—off the tracks as the train drew near. The engineer immediately called emergency services, who arrived to find Lilly standing guard over Christine, who had collapsed alongside the train tracks while walking home from a friend’s house. Lilly’s calm and composed demeanor—despite the wail of sirens, flashing lights and frantic din from first responders struggling to make sense of the scene—is all the more remarkable given her life-threatening injuries, which by now were bleeding profusely. A Shirley animal control officer immediately drove Lilly to an emergency animal hospital in Acton where Boston Police Officer David Lanteigne, who adopted the once shy and anxious dog five years ago from an animal shelter, recovered her and rushed to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston. Said David of the bond between the dog and his mother: “Lilly means the world to my mother, who doted on the dog from the moment she came to live with her.
Upon arriving at Angell’s Emergency and Critical Care Unit, Dr. Alice D’Amore immediately took charge of Lilly’s care. The administration of sedatives and pain medicine calmed her enough to allow the veterinary team to determine the extent of her injuries, and plan for the emergency surgery and ongoing treatment she would require. Lilly’s right foot had been completely “de-gloved”—its skin, muscle and connective tissue torn clear away. Multiple fractures to her left pelvis were especially troubling because, should she survive surgery, she could be permanently unable to bear weight or walk without assistance.
The veterinary team concluded that Lilly’s right front leg could not be repaired and the only option would be to amputate the entire limb. Lilly braved this surgery on Saturday, May 5. After a short recovery she endured a second surgery to repair her pelvis and rear left leg—which is now supported with steel plates. Lilly’s life will never be the same as she will be unable to bear weight or walk without assistance for the first few months after her surgery. Still, the veterinary team at Angell is optimistic that the spirit she showed as she rescued Christine may be just the trait that sees her through this new phase of her life.
Said Dr. Meg Whalen, a staff criticalist at Angell’s Emergency and Critical Care unit: “As a 24/7 emergency care hospital it’s fair to say that we have ‘seen it all’ with respect to companion animal emergencies. However, Lilly’s selfless bravery has captured the hearts of our entire staff. Her injuries are very serious and her road to recovery will be long. But she’s got the character and spirit that sometimes trumps all of our medical advances when it comes to recovery. I think she’s got what it takes to get back to her former self.”

Well this is the saddest/happiest story I’ve ever read in my life. Like I literally got tears streaming down my dick right now and I can’t tell whether they are tears of joy or tears sadness. I think a little bit of both. Glad Lilly and her mom survived. Sad she got run over and lost her leg. Either way my favorite part of this ordeal was hearing how calm Lilly was still standing guard after this accident happened. Sirens blasting, lights flashing and Lilly was bleeding profusely. Still despite all the chaos the only thing Lilly cared about was making sure her mother was safe. That was her only concern. If that doesn’t sum up a dog’s loyalty than nothing does. It’s true what they say. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. Dogs just doing it big as always.

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    Otherwise, great story! We need more good Pitt stories!!