Sunday, May 6, 2012

Frederick MD 1/2 Marathon May 6, 2012

This morning at 7 am we ran the Frederick half marathon. 13.1 miles through the historic and beautiful Frederick Md. It was a little misty, so we never got too hot, and the temperature stayed a very temperate and optimal running 60 degrees.

Diedra, Chris and I met at 6 am, (that's a 1-1/2 hr drive for me and Diedra), (yuck, I hate 4 am), got suited up after a quick pit stop at Sheetz..(actually not the grossest bathroom I have ever been in, thankfully) and started with 7,000 other people through the streets of Frederick.

We had our trusted race coordinator Joe stuck on the sidelines recovering from his 6 week ago knee surgery.

But I owe him a big "Thanks!" for driving me at the crack of dawn, and for taking pictures!

We all had a great day, although I am not too sure how we will feel tomorrow, so go easy on us co-workers.
Official finishing time 2 hours 14 minutes and 55 seconds! Whooo Hooo, for us!

If you don't have your name on your shirt people won't cheer for you.
And, you might need help remembering your name after 13.1 miles.

All smiles, and ready to go!

The start. It's just the 3 of us, and 7,000 others, and 13 miles to go!

Yippeee!! 3 finishers!

Celebrating at the beer tent.
Our traditional Port-o-potty post race picture.

Carbs are very important before AND after the race.
I got home at 4 pm. Sank into a hot bubble bath, looked at my big toe and said goodbye to my toe nail. Ah, the price of a great long run. So much for pretty feet on the beach this summer..

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