Friday, December 9, 2011

Real Life Understatement

I keep asking myself where I am supposed to draw the line with this blog?

I guess the answer lies closest to the intent of this blog. Is it a blog to act as my public diary? To air my clean, and of course dirty, laundry to the world? Or is it where I try to educate the world on the aspects of pet care that I feel are relevant, important, overlooked, or need to be brought into the public view in the hopes of improving the care we provide our pets? I guess as this blog ages it will develop like everything else in life does. I guess I will have to wait and see, as I go.

I would love input from anyone as to what they want to hear about, what they like to hear about, or what you think my role should be? I am not afraid to "push the proverbial envelope," even if it gets me in trouble, which it has and will continue to. But more on that later, when I have the full courage to divulge my latest Vet Life Drama Saga story. And hopefully will be out of the cross-hairs of the Md State Veterinary Board.

I have been quiet for a week because the real-life of being a real person has taken my focus away from this. I am in Jekyll Island Georgia, at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. This is one of my favoriter places in the world. It is real-old world life of the rich and famous here. Here you stay in the hotel that used to be the club house for the hunt trips at the turn of the 19th century for the likes of America's wealthiest families. Like the Rockefellars, Vanderbilts, and the like. It is a beautiful, peaceful, quiet, romantic oasis retreat.

We are here becuase my husbands brother is very sick and needs a family get together intervention.

Wanted to say a special thanks to all of our generous amazing JVC staff and clients. We had a really wonderful time at Pets With Santa. It was a great turnout, and a whole lot of fun.

I'll be back writing soon. I have a whole bag full of stories to post.

Happy Pups smothering Michele, except Savannah, the old lady, who is too dignified to act like that around anyone but me and Noah.

I had to call this am to check on my pups, who are at the clinic. These are the pictures that I got back. They seem to be doing fine without me.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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  1. For me personally I enjoy reading of your animal patients, their owners and generally just what life as a Vet is like. 'The other side of the table' if you like.

    I appreciate your writing. Not only are your posts entertaining but very informative at times regarding certain conditions and what you feel constitutes good pet care.

    Am an animal lover and worked for a time for a vet a LONG time ago. Would love to upgrade and do so again.

    Which leads me to a question for you. Although I am in Canada and you in the USA, what do you look for as far as training for an assistant?