Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year

As we all get ready for another year I wanted to take a minute and give 2011 one last nod.

I also wanted to say a quick "Thanks" to all of the pets and clients I have met and shared a laugh, kiss, cuddle, purr, lick, paw, or belly rub with. It has been a year of great successes, great challenges, and great personal growth. I seem to measure my successes more and more on the size of the challenge that I am presented with, size up, and face head on, instead of whether or not I conquered it. It seems I am not so focused on the score card anymore, but whether or not I backed down, and whether or not I grew in spite of, (or because of), the challenge that was dropped at my doorstep.

My new 2011 addition, Wren. Where one chapter closed (3 in my case; D.C. Belle, and Dasher),
I got to start a new one with Wren.

It has taken me a few years to realize why I misunderstood Dr.Wilson's seemingly fearless approach to anything. It was not fear that guided him, but instead I think that it was an internal compass of realizing that if he didn't jump in, no one else would, along with a deep sense of purpose. I am just starting to understand that I cannot be imprisoned by my own self doubt and perspective of impossibility, but rather a deep sense of faith, courage and conviction. 2011 taught me, amongst other things that.

As I take a deep breathe, a moment to ponder 2011, I stand steady and steadfast to make 2012 a year of new beginnings, new possibilities, and I am genuinely excited and exhilarated by the ominousness of it. How lucky I am to be able to choose my own course in life, greet each new day as a new opportunity to make a difference in not only a pets life but also another fellow pet lover.

So I state my 2012 resolution to all of you. It is as follows; "to help make pet care more accessible to everyone, the world over, 24/7 and for free." That is my new challenge and my new quest.

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Not a small undertaking, but do-able, needed, and about damned time.

So if any of you pet people need anything, ask away, I will do everything I can to help answer your questions, help you take care of your pets, and help you find the help that you and your pet need.

So fair warning, Look out 2012! I have a plan, a purpose, and the ability to accomplish anything I put my mind to!

I wish all of you the same.

With Love and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

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  1. Good for you for making such a caring and giving resolution for 2012. I am sure you will give great advice to those near and far. And most importantly for your readers is that if something is not right big time, take thee pet to a VET!

    Today grooming my shitzu/bichon Buddy (Josh) noticed a swelling between his eye and nose. Yelped when I tried to clip. Only then noticed a lump and promptly called my Vet for an appointment to get him in.

    So very devastated to hear the lump is a fast growing oral cancer and my Josh Buddy will need to be put to sleep. Have the painkillers and anti- inflamitories for 5 days but thinking of Friday. 2 and a half more days to love up my Buddy.

    So very, very sad.. Right now he is doing what he always has. Sitting at my feet, sleeping, snoring.

    Just devastated. But know it is for the best for him. Do not want to think of him enduring any more pain than he has to. Big sigh....

    So... Devastated.

  2. Dear Amy, I am so sorry to hear of your Josh Buddy's diagnosis. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to a loved pet, and Amy heart goes out to you and your family.

    With Love, and deepest sympathies, Krista