Monday, November 21, 2011

Sadies, 3 pelvic fractures and still loves everyone

8 pm, 11/21/11
Sadie went to VOSM today for her pelvic fracture surgery repair. So she can walk again normally.

She is the sweetest most gentle girl, and we have all really fallen in love with her. I will send word about her once I have an update.

For now please keep your fingers crossed for her and send a big Thanks to VOSM and Chris for saving her. They are an incredibly generous talented bunch of people. We are all so grateful for her second chance.

I will add pictures and updates as I get them.

Sadie, 1 week ago, the night she was hit by the truck

Her radiograph from the day she arrived with us. the left side of her pelvis has the breaks, the right side is intact.

 Ok, it is 9:30 pm and Chris just texted me to say that he just finished with Sadie's surgery. What a long day for him. I feel terrible that he was working so long and late and hard for our charity case. It seems we always give him the hard, long difficulty surgeries.

He repaired Sage's fractures. See her story, (gosh that was a longtime ago). I remember me, Chris, and my very amazing tech, working on her from 7 pm to 1 am..That was a long night. I can't believe Chris still talks to me. I am a shitty friend. I would dump me.

I'll update you all as I get news. (Although I know Chris will call soon, but I will be in bed sooner) Goodnight world.


Sadie was brought back to us last night late. Because of very rainy weather and lots of traffic. She is a little wobbly on the three good legs and has a bandage over her right hip joint and a plastic e-collar to dissuade her from licking at her incision. But she remains optomistic and as energetic as ever to be loved. She is being cared for by one of my fabulous technicians, who told me when she got back to the clinic that she is getting attached to her already. (She has been her chauffeur for the transit back and forth to the surgeon). So my tech took her home last night to watch her, and so she wouldn't feel alone after her surgery. She wrote the following back to me this morning after I texted her to ask how she did overnight. "She's a perfect little angel. ;-) and doing well. I just keeping telling myself that she's really ugly." It is impossible to resist her big doe eyes and sweet affectionate demeanor. I think my poor tech has fallen hard. It is impossible not to with that face. I replied with the typical "lol." Because I know I can't resist her either.

The bandage over the incision of her right hip, (aka coxo-femoral joint)

Sadie and her chauffuer, (Who is beautiful but camera shy)

You can't resist that face! (My good friend sent me a facebook a message that said,,,"o, I have to squeeze her!" I know the feeling.
 Sadie will have a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you all do too! I will post her post-op radiograph when I get it, so you can see her plate. Very exciting stuff!

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  1. All the best to Sadie's recovery and kudos to all that helped make it happen. Heartwarming story :)