Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 26, 2011

For almost all of us Thanksgiving is just behind us and Christmas has begun its ominous countdown descent.

And also for most of us the month between these two holidays is FULL of things to do and lists to accomplish because there are deadlines dictated by calender dates. For me there are the following items on my list;

Today; Today I head off to celebrate with many of our JVC staff the wedding of one of our technicians. It is the second wedding of the year for JVC and we are all looking forward to sharing the big day. We are all excited to finally see all of the things she has been talking about, planning for, and anxious about. Her dress, her hair, make-up, flowers, cake, decor have all been many a topic, sneak peek and debate over the last few months. There have been diets, advice, and of course, a little drama. But all of these things are normal conversations when you have a clinic full of women between the ages of 20 and 50. We love to talk "girl stuff" and wedding is one of our favorite topics. (Followed closely to the birth of a baby, and the discovery of a medical challenge to one of us, or our pets.) With that many women there is always chatter, (although after spending 20 years around nothing but men I will say that they are just as bad).
Our second wedding, Nov 26, 2011

Our first wedding of 2011

Jarrettsville Vet is for most of us our second family. Many of us have been there for 5 years or longer. (Actually I believe that of the 20 plus employees ALL of us have been there for 4 years plus, except for 1, my dad, as hospital administrator). In many ways the current chapter of our lives is something we all share and have gone through together. JVC is our work, stress, drama, outlet from our "other half of our life: home" and the place we are able to confide in each other the trials and tribulations that we all have in common, be they spouses, pets, kids, parents, holidays, illnesses, clients, cases, and local gossip. We are our own family, with all of the idiosyncracies, ups-downs, and drama that a family brings. We are our own soap opera. And for today we are a family coming together to celebrate one of our most treasured moments, a wedding. I will spend hours getting ready, take the gifts that are already wrapped, and be proud, happy, emotional and excited to see her months of planning all come together. It is another badge of honor I display proudly for being the owner of a place that is the platform for such richness in my life. Congrats lil princess! see you soon!

Next weekend, Sunday from 1 to 3, is our annual, (let's see 5th maybe?) Pets With Santa event. We decorate the entire clinic, invite anyone and everyone for a free meet-greet, eat, drink, and get your picture taken with Santa day. My whole family comes to help set-up, organize, and participate in making this fund-raiser a success. My brother is a professional photographer, so he carts up his equipment, and sets up a beautiful back drop. My sister and her husband help the behind the scenes organization of making sure the photos get to Wal-Mart, and my husband keeps the staff smiling, sets up a video monitor to play the pictures from past years, and keep me sane. And my dad greets everyone and helps with the logistics of the paperwork. My groomer and receptionist take over the Santa and elf duties, and the rest of the staff help with traffic control, barking dog next to scared cat dilemma, and meet and greet our clients. The entire event is free for everyone and anyone (even if you don't have a pet), but we ask for a donation of any amount if you can do it to assist with our pet rescue, treatment, and adoption program. We try very hard to help every client who needs help with their pets needs, and also try to help the local Humane Society when they call and tell us that they have a dog they are at the end of being to shelter, but it takes funds to continue. I am happy to donate my time for our pets, and I have an amazing group of vets who do the same, but we still have to pay for housing, food, medications and the staffs time.

I try to blog about each of our rescued pets and their plights, but I know I have neglected many. (Off the top of my head there is; Lola, at least 6 kittens, Banjo, the chihauas my tech took, pit bulls, Lilly, gosh, there are many others). I think we rescue about 2 dozen or more a year. Sometimes I look at those guys as they are in our care sometimes for months and ask myself "what the heck am I doing?" I have internal and external emotional pleas with my spouse, my staff and my friends about where to draw my "I can't live with myself if I do this" line. I grapple daily with the advice of "you can't love a pet more than their owner does," and "you can't save them all," and "it's just a cat." I try very hard to not my a decision that I will regret later because of money (don't go into Vet medicine if you care about money and ethics, is my advice), or doing what is quickest and easiest. I try to remind myself that "if you ever have to chose between being right and being kind, chose kind," (my favorite quote written by the spiritual guru Dwayne Dyer. But back to the point, the Pets with Santa fundraiser helps us to continue providing care to pets who don't have any other options.

Pudgie, One of our rescues

Lilly, a 2011 rescue, who now has a great home

A 2010 rescue, Sage

2011 rescue, Bella, from BARCS

2009 rescue, Lemon, still looking for a home

Banjo, a 2010 rescue, with his brother on the left, Noodle, and my best friend, Linda, their mom.

Kiki, from Animal rescue, and Buddy. Both are looking for a home.
So if any of you are in the Northern maryland area next Sunday, Dec 4th between noon and 3 or 4 o'clock please come in to say "hello" eat, drink, and be merry with us. It is my favorite day of the year in the clinic and I spend all year looking at the incredible photos we take.

Then we have to start getting ready for the Pet Expo in Timonium on Jan 27 thru 29. It will be the place where everyone can meet our staff, ask the Vets and techs any questions you might have about pet care. And we will be giving away lots of goodies. If you have never gone to this it is an incredible conglomeration of everything pet. Every breed, every species, every-everything pet pandamonium. But please! don't bring a tiny toy breed, or puppy, it is too dangerous with soo many people, and Please make sure your pet is vaccinated before you bring them. that Fair grounds is a petri dish of disease for pets. My advice is to not bring them, there are thousands of people and the majority of the pets are petrified by the crowds, and I have witnessed dog fights, pets being stepped on, etc. So not worth it. Link to their website;

Ok, here are some of my favorite Pets with Santa photos;

Diedra, (my sister), Daisy, and John (Diedra's husband)

Our 2010 family photo. Me, with Savannah, Jekyl on Santa, and Joe with Charleston

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