Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Trainers

Shuffling toward the finish line. That's me; Stumbling. Swaying. Faltering.

I remember vividly watching the marathon runner on tv who collapsed mere feet before the finish line. Then by some miraculous intervention random runners, all strangers, scoop her up and carry her over the line. I am that runner. I'm exhausted.

I get home, I collapse, and I ask myself "if I ever want to put those trainers on again?" And yet, I am a creature of habit. A kinetic soul meant to wander. I cannot sit along the sidelines. I do not know where else to go and there is this nagging yearning to not walk away from the problem. I am here to  solve it.

It's Thursday morning. I need to go to work. I need to fix a broken leg on a kitten no one wants. No one would otherwise be responsible for. And, I need to convince myself to be happy about it.

I'm not really happy about it. It weighs on me. It eats me. It is what everyone else calls collateral damage to investing more than the bank account has available for withdrawal, and compassion fatigue. I know it well. Its the shadow that lurks behind me.. toe to toe, and it keeps me moving forward.

There is an endless need, and a short supply to meet it. It is an opportunity for ingenuity and innovation. If I can just find someone to carry me to the finish line. Maybe the new me on the other side of December will have new legs and trainers?

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