Sunday, October 1, 2017

K.I. S.S.

K.I.S.S = Keep It Simple Stupid. Something every vet learns in vet school.

So here it goes;

You either represent the establishment or the individual, 
if you are a caregiver the answer should be obvious.

Tori Star, surrendered at the shelter by a former client.
The shleter called us we brought her back to live at the clinic.
If you are a part of our family once you are a part of it always.


  1. Really? Your tune sure has changed from your other blog post...!!!

    1. Unless you know me, you probably don't know what my "tune" is? I am, like everyone else, muddling through this difficult profession I have chosen and a work in progress,, some of the blogs are meant to be my way of understanding the day to day struggles I face,, which is why this is entitled "Diary of a real-life vet," and often the posts are written with deep satire,, sometimes also with deep frustration as I try to save every pet I meet,, but never with an abandonment of compassion to the pets I serve. Never. My legacy will reflect that. Along with the perseverance to face the angry mob of hateful cowards who use "anonymous" as their white hooded robe. You are a pathetic arrogant coward. That's what your legacy will show.

  2. Making a difference one life at a time.

  3. Hugs from another in a parallel trench