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2017 Jarrettsville Veterinary Center Price Guide

Welcome to the Jarrettsville Veterinary Center 
2017 Price Guide 

What sets us at Jarrettsville Vet apart? We have the best doctors and staff!
We all share a deep commitment to providing a kind, compassionate, hospital centered around caring for pets. We will work with you to help you find an affordable, beneficial treatment plan. We are honest, accessible, transparent and provide exceptional care to both our patients and clients.
We provide excellent internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, ultrasound, orthopedics, behavior consultations, acupuncture, and even Reiki.
We are open 7 days a week, until 8 pm on Monday through Thursday, 6 pm Friday, 8-2 Sat, 1-3 pm Sundays (walk-in fee applies). Every client can reach us via email, Facebook, or IM.
We never deny care to a pet in need. We provide CareCredit, third party billing options, and a Pet Savings Plan to help you budget for your pets year around and emergency care.
We have been a part of our community for over 70 years.

Physical exam $50
Comprehensive or extended exam  $63
Annual or Senior Exam $45
Sunday walk-in examination $60
Consultation exam, 2nd opinion  $65
Consultation exam, behavior   $100
Re-check exam  $30
Hospitalized patient exam   $30
In patient care    $40
Health certificate (includes certificate)    $45
Urgent care (emergency fee during regular hrs, including exam)    $75
Telephone consult   $30
Consultation with Specialist  $40

Distemper Combo 3 yr $30
FVRCP 1 or 3 yr duration $25
Feline Leukemia $25
FVRCP + Leukemia $30
Kennel Cough $20
Lyme $30
Leptospirosis (4 way) $20
Rabies vaccine and certificate $16

Puppy vaccination protocols include;
  • Initial exam at 8 weeks old $50, and first round of vaccines (usu about $50), fecal examination, microchip, dewormer, first doses of preventatives. This appointment is about $225. We discuss diet, puppy training, any health concerns, and your puppies vet care plan. This plan is tailored to you, your puppy and the specific history, breed and environmental concerns.
  • Next appointment (avg sized dog) is 3 weeks later. Recheck appointment, $30, next vaccines $55, next doses of preventatives. Cost is about $130. We spend time talking about training, raising a happy, healthy puppy, and providing assistance for any questions or concerns you might have.
  • Last puppy appointment at 16 weeks, $45. Last round of puppy vaccines, $75, 6 month supply of preventatives, pre-op (spay or neuter bloodwork) $50. Discuss the scheduling of surgery, long term preventative plan, and the tips for your growing pup to becoming the beloved family member we all want them to be.
    Canine Neuter $175
    Cryptorchid neuter ranges from $200 to $800 
    Canine Spay less than 50 pounds $225
    Canine Spay 51-100 pounds  $250
    Canine Spay 101 pounds or greater,  $300
    Canine Spay overweight or pregnant $400
    (There is a $50 additional charge for pets over 12 months old, and a 60 day grace period for newly adopted pets from a rescue or shelter).

Kitten vaccination protocol;
  • We usually see kittens at 8-12 weeks. First visit includes FVRCP + Leuk vaccine, part 1 of 2 done 3 weeks apart. Fecal exam for intestinal parasites, $30, deworming about $15, microchip $25, Feline leukemia & FIV test $45, first dose of flea preventative $10. Cost of first cat visit is about $175.
  • Last kitten visit at 16 weeks, finish FVRCP + Leuk vaccine, 1 yr rabies vaccine, pre-op spay/neuter bloodwork ($50), about $150.
Feline Neuter $60
Feline Spay $100

Routine vaccination protocols;

  • Rabies vaccine; First vaccine lasts 1 year, all subsequent are 3 year duration
  • Distemper combo; First is a series of two 3 weeks apart, then every 3 years
  • Leptosporosis; given yearly after initial series
  • Lyme ; given yearly after initial series.
  • Kennel cough (Bordetella); yearly if needed.
  • Fecal examination and heartworm testing are recommended yearly
  • Flea & tick and heartworm prevention are recommended year around
  • Rabies and FVRCP are given every 3 years after kitten series is complete
  • Feline Leukemia is recommended yearly for those at risk 
  • Flea & tick prevention is recommended

Average Costs for the Most Common Emergency Surgeries

Blocked Cat $800-1200 (Price can vary based on hospitalization stay).
Pyometra Cat $300 (Severity of illness at presentation can influence cost).
Exploratory Surgery $800 -1200 (Price can vary based on severity of underlying disease).
GDV (bloat) $500 -1500 (Price can vary on other organ involvement).
Pyometra Canine $800-1200 (Price can vary based on severity of associated illness).
Splenectomy $800-1200 (May require additional care at emergency facility post-operatively).

While we recognize that the prices of these are not inexpensive, these are often complicated, life threatening conditions that require intensive immediate intervention and after care. We will do our best to work within everyone's budget, we offer multiple payment options, and we will support your pets care as our own. We do not believe in economic euthanasia, nor do we deny life saving care due to cost. Ask us for help, be proactive, and be prepared. We can help!

While we do our very best to provide the best products at the best prices we cannot always compete with large corporate buying power. We do, however, only offer genuine products with a full product guarantee, full refund for any reason you are not happy with the product, and our revenues help us provide care to other pets in our community for our projects like our Pet Food Pantry, free housing in inclement weather, cat shelter workshops, and financial assistance to pets in need. We also provide care for the pets of many local rescues at significant savings. Please support local businesses.

 Feline Preventative
Our Price
Dr. Foster& Smith
Revolution 5-15 lbs
topical, fleas, ear mites, intestinal parasites
$18/month (dose)
$140 if purchase 12 (buy 9 get 3)
$209.50 if purchased sep, $15 single
Revolution for cats over 15 lbs
 $20/mo (dose)
$150 if purchase 12 (buy 9 get 3)
$215.04 if purch sep, $20 single
Easy Spot (generic Frontline) topical
$120/ year
$5 off 3 doses, $10 off 6 doses, $20 off 12 doses, $9 single dose
Frontline Bottle 250 ml
$34 (dose @ 1 pump per pound body wt)

Canine Preventatives
Prices Listed are for 1 year of prevention, under 100 pounds
Preventatives bought in single doses are more expensive
Economical Plan
Our Price
Drs Foster & Smith
Interceptor tablet, heartworm & intestinal worms
$47 - $95
$9 single
$61.18 - $93.48*
$59.88 - $91.96*
Parastar (generic Frontline) topical
$104 - 116
$9 single
$112.16 - $122.36*
$151 - $211
$173.34 - $215.84
Rebates in clinic; Interceptor: $5 back on 6 doses; $15 back on 12 doses
Parastar: $5 back on 3 doses; $10 back on 6 doses; $20 back on 12 doses

Preferred Plan
Our Price
Drs Foster & Smith
Interceptor Plus (up to 100 #) hw & intestinal worms, chew, monthly
$49 - $97
$67.13 - 102.83
$63.96 - 99.96
Nexgard chewable flea & tick, monthly
$205 - $214
$218.42 - 232.02*
$219.98 - 239.98*
$269 - $326
$285.55 - 334.85
$283.94 - 339.94
Rebates in clinic; Interceptor: $5 back on 6 doses; $15 back on 12 doses
In-clinic combo offer: $30 back when you by 12 doses of Interceptor or Interceptor Plus 
and 6 or 12 doses of Parastar

Easy to Use
Our Price
Drs Foster & Smith
Proheart up to 10 lbs
$35 dose / $70 yr
Proheart 10- 22 lbs
$50 dose / $100 yr
Proheart 22- 44 lbs
$60 dose / $120 yr
Proheart 44-88lbs
$86 dose / $172 yr
Proheart 88-123 lbs
$90 dose / $180 yr
Bravecto 3 mo chew 
flea & tick
$50/dose,$85 for 2,$165/yr
$235 - $345
Easy to Use prices are valid on these until June 2017, a slight increase is expected after July 1, 2017
Bravecto: $15 back on 2 doses; $35 back on 4 doses

* denotes a veterinary exclusive product. These products are not sold by the manufacturer to these retailers and you will not get the manufacturers guarantee that this is a valid or safe product.
What is a "diverter"?

Integrative Therapy
Acupuncture, initial consult $95
Acupuncture treatment $75
Laser therapy (single dose <2 areas) $40

Other Services
Anal gland expression (w/technician) $20
Anal gland expression (w/doctor)   $25
Microchip $25
Nail trim (canine/feline)  $15

Ear flushing/cleaning $25
IV catheter placement $40
Intravenous fluids, first bag $40, $20 each additional bag

Diagnostic Services
Blood pressure evaluation  $25
Corneal flourescein stain  $25
Ear swab & stain  $25
Schirmer tear test  $30
Tonometry  $40

Feline Dental Clean & Polish (no extractions needed/healthy pet) starts at $200
Canine Dental Cleaning and Polish (no extractions needed/healthy pet) starts at $250

Dentistry: Surgery
Surgical extraction, minor (surgeon's time)  $25
Surgical extraction, major $100
Average cat dental with extractions needed, ranges from $300 to $650
Average dog dental with extractions needed, ranges from  $380-$800

Diagnostic Imaging
Radiograph, digital (1 view)  $100
Radiograph, digital, additional (2- 3 views)  $150
Radiograph, digital, additional (4 plus views) $200
Dental radiograph, digital (1 view)   $40
Dental radiograph, digital (2-4 view)  $60
Dental radiograph, digital (4 plus views)  $80

Abdominal $200

Lab Fees (includes collection, lab fee, & interpretation)
Bile Acids (pre & post) $140
Biopsy $180
Bladder stone analysis  $215
Blood glucose (single)   $20 in clinic, $50 to lab
Bromide $200
Chemistry panel $140
Chemistry panel and CBC $140
Chemistry, CBC, T4 $150
Chemistry, CBC, UA $160
Chemistry, CBC, T4, UA $180
Chemistry, CBC, T4, UA, Fecal  $160
Complete blood count  $50
Digoxin $120
Fecal $ 40
Fecal Giardia ELISA  $40
Fecal Giardia w HW, Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis screen $70
Feline leukemia, FIV, test  $35
Fructosamine $90
Canine heartworm $20
Canine heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasmosis  $45
Cortisol 1 sample $120
Cytology $200
Histopathology (single specimen)  $180
Lyme test in house $20
Parvovirus test in-house  $40
Pre-Op Screen w/ CBC $50
T4  $65
Urinalysis  in-house $50
Urinalysis reference lab $65
Urine MIC Culture $200
Urine P:C $140
Please note that emergency blood work may have a slight increase in price

(This does not include pre-op examination, diagnostics, hospitalization care, or
Mass removal small $200-$400
Mass removal large $400-$600
Anterior cruciate repair, ACL, lateral fabella suture technique $400
Aural hematoma repair  $50 to $100
Amputation, toe, $350
Amputation, tail, $350
C-section canine  $400
Cherry eye, $350
Cystotomy  $500
Enucleation,   $400
Entropion, $250
Exploratory surgery  $600 -$800
Femoral head osteotomy (removal)  $500 -$900
Gastrotomy  $300 - $600
GDV, Bloat, $700
Intestinal resection/anastomosis   $300 - $700
Lateral ear resection,    $300
Mastectomy, unilateral   $200 - $650
Splenectomy   $500 - $1000
Laser, additional fee  $100-$200
Perineal Urethrostomy (PU) $300-$450
Preanesthetic exam fee  $30
Preanesthetic sedation  $30
Local dental nerve block  $25
Wound repairs range from $50-$200

Cruciate Repair Note;
Dr Magnifico uses a lateral fabellar technique to stabilize the knee with a cranial cruciate rupture. All patients must be examined before surgery can be scheduled. The pre-op exam includes examination $50, includes pre-op bloodwork of a chemistry, CBC, and urinalysis $150, and radiographs of both knees and the pelvis $150. All dogs with cruciate ruptures are recommended to seek services and surgery at a boarded surgeons office.

Prices will remain as "fixed" as we are able to keep them. Offers like rebates are transient and seasonal. Preventatives may also change in price and availability.

If you have a pet you would like to visit with us you can find out all about us on our Jarrettsville Vet Facebook page. You can also find me on Twitter @FreePetAdvice, or you can ask, or answer a pet question at Pawbly is a free online pet community dedicated to helping pets and their people who love them. You can also find helpful information on our YouTube channel.