Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Jarrettsville Vet Pet Food Pantry

Our latest endeavor at the clinic addresses another of our community pets most basic needs.
We already provide shelter, vet care and now we are going to offer food.

Here is the letter sent to all local shelters, vet clinics, and rescues;

Dear Fellow Vets, Clinics, Shelters, Rescues and Pet Related Stores,

This is the time of year we are reminded that there are those less fortunate than ourselves in our communities. Last year in the USA 42.2 million people struggled with hunger. It is also estimated that between 37-42% of US households have a pet (most have more than one). There are also about half a million people that are homeless and many of these people care for their own pets. The numbers of hungry and in need of the most basic fundamental lifesaving assistance is staggering. Concurrently the holidays are the time of year that we are also inspired with the generosity and goodwill provided to all. As the stewards of care and compassion to all animals we are all in a position to help those in our areas struggling the most at the toughest time of the year.


Cooper and Chloe

At Jarrettsville Vet we offer free shelter at the boarding facility through the coldest nights of winter to encourage bringing pets indoors by offering them lifesaving warmth. This year we are also offering food from donations from our annual Pets with Santa fund raiser. The donations will go into boxes for the Food Pantry. Food and provisions will be free to anyone in need and remain in our lobby year around. We are asking for your help and participation in allowing us to place a donation box in your lobby or entrance. We hope that it will inspire your staff, clients, and customers to remember that we can all join together and have meaningful impact to those who need it most but are not able to find assistance elsewhere. One bag of food can be the difference between a meal for the coldest, darkest winter months and diseases associated with malnutrition. 


We are happy to help provide the collection boxes and social media posts to announce this to your clients and social media friends. 

We are reaching out and asking for help from all of you that provide care, goods, and services to those fortunate pets in our communities who can lend a helping hand.

Lucy and Max

Many Thanks for your consideration, we hope to hear from you soon,

Our latest bunch of sick, broken and 'not allowed to die' kittens.

Krista Magnifico, DVM
Owner Jarrettsville Vet and founder of Pawbly.comFor more information on any of our community assistance programs including shelter, food, and veterinary care assistance please call Diedra, Jenn, or Richard at the clinic 410-692-6171. Or email

If you have a pet related question, or pet related areas of expertise we hope that you will join us at Pawbly is free for everyone to use and open to anyone who loves pets. I am also at the clinic, Jarrettsville Vet in bucolic Harford County Maryland. Or try my video library at YouTube, or reference materials and content on Twitter @FreePetAdvice.

Please always be kind, and always remember those less fortunate.     


  1. We work with Pets of the Homeless to help provide pet food donations to our local food shelf.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. I will use them as a reference and perhaps we both can be the start of a more global assistance program?
      My best to you,

  2. What a wonderful initiative, the fact that families in this country and in other developed countries still suffer from hunger is terrible and it is so important that everyone pitches in and helps. Many people forget the safety of pets in the winter and it is amazing you are trying to do so much to help keep pets warm and safe, and look after their humans as well. True holiday spirit and giving!