Friday, February 26, 2016

2016 Price Guide

Examination Fees
Physical exam 30 minutes  $50
Comprehensive or extended exam  45 minutes $63
Annual or Senior Exam 30 minutes $45
Sunday walk-in examination $60
Consultation exam, 2nd opinion  45 minutes  $65
Consultation exam, behavior  60 minutes $100
Re-check exam  $30
Hospitalized patient exam    $30
In patient care    $40
Health certificate (includes certificate fee)     $45
Urgent care (emergency fee during regular hrs, including exam)    $75
Telephone consult - regular client     $30
Consultation w Specialist (doctor time)    $40


Average Costs for the Most Common Emergency Surgeries

Blocked Cat $1000-1200 (Price can vary based on hospitalization stay).
Pyometra Cat $400-600 (Severity of illness at presentation can influence cost).
Exploratory Surgery $1000-1200 (Price can vary based on severity of underlying disease).
GDV (bloat) $1000-1500 (Price can vary on other organ involvement).
Pyometra Canine $800-1200 (Price can vary based on severity of associated illness).
Splenectomy $1000-1200 (May require additional care at emergency facility post-operatively).

Integrative Therapy
Acupuncture, initial consult $95
Acupuncture treatment $75
Laser therapy (single dose <2 areas) $40

Cinderella and Aurora

Other Services
Anal gland expression (w/technician) $20
Anal gland expression (w/doctor)   $25
Microchip $10
Nail trim (canine/feline)  $15

Luna and Chase
Ear flushing/cleaning $25
IV catheter placement $40
Intravenous fluids, first bag $40, $20 each additional bag


Diagnostic Services
Blood pressure evaluation  $25
Corneal flourescein stain  $25
Ear swab & stain  $25
Schirmer tear test  $30
Tonometry  $40

Periodontal scaling;
Grade 1  $75
Grade 2 $95
Grade 3  $115
Grade 4  $150

Dentistry: Surgery
Surgical extraction, minor (surgeon's time)  $25
Surgical extraction, major $100
Average cat dental $250-$350
Average dog dental $350-$450

Diagnostic Imaging
Radiograph, digital (1 view)  $100
Radiograph, digital, additional (2- 3 views)  $150
Radiograph, digital, additional (4 plus views) $200
Dental radiograph, digital (1 view)   $40
Dental radiograph, digital (2-4 view)  $60
Dental radiograph, digital (4 plus views)  $80


Abdominal $200


Lab Fees (includes collection, lab fee, & interpretation)

Bile Acids (pre & post) $100
Biopsy $200
Bladder stone analysis  $215
Blood glucose (single)   $20
Bromide $200
Chemistry and electrolytes $95
Chemistry, CBC, T4 $130
Chemistry, CBC, UA $140
Chemistry, CBC, T4, UA $150
Chemistry, CBC, T4, UA, Fecal Elisa $160
Chemistry, CBC, T4, UA, Fecal Elisa, HW, Ehrlichia, Anaplamosis, Lyme $200
Coagulation Profile $40
Complete blood count  $45
Digoxin $100
Fecal Giardia ELISA  $40
Fecal Giardia w HW, Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis screen $70
Feline antigen heartworm test  $45
Feline leukemia, FIV, test  $35
Feline retroviral $60
Free T4 ED $105
Free T4 add-on ED $45
Fructosamine $75
CBC, chem panel w/electrolytes & T4 (health check)  $145
Canine heartworm $20
Canine heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasmosis  $45
Cortisol 1 sample $95
Cortisol 2 samples $130
Cortisol 3 samples $160
Cytology $180
Histopathology (single specimen)  $200
Lyme test in house $20
Lyme titer $120
Immunity titer test (DA2PPV)  $95
Parvovirus test in-house  $40
Pre-Op Screen w/ CBC $40
T4  $60
Urinalysis  in-house $50
Urinalysis reference lab $70
Urine MIC Culture $200
Urine P:C $85

(This does not include pre-op examination, diagnostics, hospitalization care, or
Mass removal small $200-$400
Mass removal large $400-$600
Anterior cruciate repair, ACL, lateral fabella suture technique $400
Aural hematoma repair  $100
Amputation, toe, $350
Amputation, tail, $350
C-section canine  $400
Cherry eye, $250
Cystotomy  $300
Enucleation,   $300
Entropion, $250
Exploratory surgery  $600 -$800
Femoral head removal  $500 -$900
Gastrotomy  $300 - $600
GDV, Bloat, $700
Intestinal resection/anastomosis   $300 - $700
Lateral ear resection,    $300
Mastectomy, unilateral   $200 - $450
Splenectomy   $500 - $1000
Laser, additional fee  $100-$200
Surgical pack  $35
Surgical supplies/disposables  $20
ECG monitoring (during surgery)  $25
Blood pressure monitoring (during surgery)  $25
Perineal Urethrostomy (PU) $300-$450
Preanesthetic exam fee  $30
Preanesthetic sedation  $30
Local dental nerve block  $25
Wound repairs range from $50-$200


Feline Neuter $60
Feline Spay $100

Canine Neuter $175
Canine Spay less than 50 pounds $225
Canine Spay 51-100 pounds  $250
Canine Spay 101 pounds or greater,  $300
Canine Spay overweight or pregnant $400
(There is a $50 additional charge for pets over 12 months old, and a 60 day grace period for newly adopted pets from a rescue or shelter).

Distemper Combo 3 yr $30
Feline Leukemia $25
FVRCP + Leukemia $30
Kennel Cough $20
Lyme $30
Leptospirosis $20
Rabies $16

What sets us at Jarrettsville Vet apart? We have the best doctors and staff!
We all share a deep commitment to providing a kind, compassionate, hospital centered around caring for pets.
We provide excellent internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, ultrasound, orthopedics, behavior consultations, acupuncture, and even Reiki.
We are open 7 days a week, until 8 pm on Monday through Thursday.
We never deny care to a pet in need.
We have been a part of our community for over 70 years.

If you have a pet you would like to visit with us you can find out all about us on our Jarrettsville Vet Facebook page. You can also find me on Twitter @FreePetAdvice, or you can ask, or answer a pet question at Pawbly is a free online pet community dedicated to helping pets and their people who love them.


  1. Would you say this is a good "base-line" to use when getting estimates for vet care? Of course taking into consideration of geographical location, etc... Curious. This was interesting. Thank you.

    1. Hello,
      So sorry for the delay. I hope that this can serve as a baseline to help understand veterinary costs for services. I also think that veterinary medicine is way over due for a little transparency. Our clients are becoming more invested in their pets care and significantly more interested in veterinary medicine. Why then aren't we open about fees? I think every vet should be transparent. I also firmly believe it will save more lives.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I would say so as a I am a vet with very similar prices.

  3. I really appreciate finding this list of prices. Vet care is complicated and this helps me understand the fees when my cat is sick. My vet is very good about explaining the whole process. Not only is there the surgery price but there are diagnostics, labs, and drugs, etc. before and after surgery. Subsequent followups need to be understood as well. My cat is facing a perineal urethrostomy. So thank you for the list!

    1. youre welcome,, we are trying to bring some much needed transparency to vet medicine,, it is long overdue

  4. Our Vet is charging us $1200.00 to amputate one toe for our Labrador. This seems really high to me. Any thoughts?

    1. Hello,,
      I can't comment as I don't know how difficult this surgery might be based on your pets condition. I do think that it is always helpful to get a second opinion if you aren't comfortable with the first. At my clinic this surgery is probably about $600 to $800 without pre-op blood work and radiographs of the chest. Biopsy, which would be an additional $200.