Friday, July 17, 2015

Pieces of Me.

The  pieces of me.

There are pieces of me everywhere.

The tiny specks of dust from a piece that was once alive and vibrant. 

The soul in the shadow of the departed friends I leave behind in a somber quiet place of a memory.

To say goodbye, to be the bearer of that last breath when your heart was meant to heal, costs you.

A toll you delay for a tomorrow you hope to never face, or a quiet moment at the end of each day when you ask yourself if it was all worth it?

There is always a wrinkle in time during each push of the pink where I add a personal wish for a peaceful journey. There is a soft whisper of “Goodbye” and an “I’m sorry” for each of those hundreds of souls I have helped lay to rest. 

Some I knew and loved as my own and others that were never named and never loved, but at that moment they are all the same.

I am always sorry for the ending – the loss of a tiny heartbeat in a world of often over looked possibilities. The loss of someone who might have mattered, or who mattered more than life can measure. The passing of a being that was miraculous and fleeting like hope in a prayer.

There is always a moment of being grateful to know them and always a relief of a peaceful ending. 

They are the pieces given away that keep me whole and human.

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  1. Even as your heart breaks, it is stretching and growing bigger, not diminishing.

  2. I think only another vet can understand how difficult and also how fulfilling a career in animal medicine can be.

  3. Yet you save so many animals that people needlessly want put down. It must be so hard, but you save so many from suffering. It is hard at the end of a long day to see the good. But you do good.