Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Uniting Pet Care Globally.. Why I love Pawbly.com

Why I love Pawbly.com

There are a few characteristics in ones life that you realize perhaps are not the best suited for "winning friends and influencing people." Truly, I am deficient in almost all of Dale Carnegie's long list of needed skills.

Often, while dealing with difficult clients,  I hear the little devil on my right shoulder squealing in my ear to remind them that, "If I liked people I would have gone into human medicine," or, "Dude you're just the chaffeaur attached to the other end of the only thing I really care about."

Pawbly was designed to be a place to help people. Our hope was that we could create a credible free resource open to anyone who loved animals. With the vast array of knowledge out there, scattered across the globe, surely we could help more pets if we could just connect those people.

And so it has become...

I'm going to share some of the discussions that have filled my long nights of work, and my empty self-funded pockets with purpose.

Question from 
Alan Rowlette in Indonesia..
I took two sparrow that were from a fallen bird nest, i saw four birds but only two alive, i put them in a box put some dry leaves and gave them some sugar water, they are sleeping i guess because they closed their eyes. What to do next?

Krista Magnifico, DVM, Founder of Pawbly answered ...
Put them back in the nest. Mom is looking for them. If you think that the mom is not with them, or isn't able to care for them, see if there is a wildlife rehabilitator in your area? If you can't find anyone you can feed moistened cat food on a toothpick. They should be fed about every 3-4 hours until they are full. I don't know the age or size so it's hard to provide more instruction than that.

Alan Rowlette commented ...
ah thank you, I don't know how old they are, but they are sleeping right now it's 10 pm (gmt+8) i was going to feed them at 8, but they are already asleep and i don't want to disturb them, i gave them sugar water at 6, I'll be giving them that cat food in the morning. About that nest, well it happen while i was going out near my home then the wind blows and the bird nest fell i stop the car put them in a safe place near the tree where it falls. I didn't took them yet. When i was back i saw them still there, then i took them to my home. There aren't any wildlife rehabilitator here, i know vet but I'm guessing they don't really care about sparrows, it's a common birds here soo..yeah..I'll try to take care of them.

How amazing is that? Someone halfway around the world helps a baby bird even when they don't have access to a veterinarian! That's what I love about Pawbly.

If you have a pet question, or would like to help someone with their pet please join us at Pawbly.com. There is enough information out there to cure every disease and help every pet, all we need is each other!

If you would like to meet me in person and talk about your pets issues please visit me at the clinic Jarrettsville Vet in Jarrettsville, Maryland, USA.

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  1. I don't believe pets, birds, animals really know how large this plant is.Their world is what is around them and it can be a good place or a bad place. It is for us to show them it is a good place.

    1. Thank you for being such an advocate for every animal in every corner of this great planet.

  2. I just created an account and logged on to Pawbly for the first time! Pawbly looks like a wonderful resource when researching pet health issues. I think I had heard of the name Pawbly before but never realized what it was. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Pawbly is an amazing resource, and shows your love and dedication. Love the blog too