Friday, February 13, 2015

How Do You Say "I Love You" to Your Pets? Tips for Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day is the day for telling our loved ones how much they mean to us. 

Some of the people who mean the most to me displaying this years Valentines.
Here are a few of our favorite ways to profess your love to your pet...

We all feel more beautiful with a clean fluffy coat so why not give your pet a cut and blow-out hair do? Or, add a bit of swagger to their step with a pedicure. If you live in a cold area try a soft brush or comb to loosen any dead hair and massage the skin. For the rest of the days of the year a loving stroke is the best way to keep your pets coat glossy and build a strong bond of trust, love, and companionship.
Treat time. 
The best way to reinforce good behavior is to reward it every time. Every successful potty break, bed time ritual, or obedient action should be praised with a pat, a smile, a loving “Thank You” and every once in a while say “I Woof You” with a little biscuit.

A Trip to the Vet. 
Your vet can help identify, uncover, and alleviate many early signs of disease, illness, and discomfort. They can also help answer any behavior questions you might have or provide advice to aging gracefully. The best way to say “I’m Yours” is with “I’m going to help you stay healthy.”

Daisy figured out how to "rest and relax" after her knee surgery.

 New toys.
Is it time to dump the ragged toys and swap them for a new squeakie animal? Take a minute to clear out the old unwanted soiled and damaged toys and spoil your pet with a cute new trinket, scratching mat, or ball for a game of fetch.


New bed. 
Those pet beds get grungy fast. How about a new fluffy bed to snuggle down together for an end of the day cuddle? Dress up your pets pad with a new bed cover, or a wash with unscented detergent and an extra rinse cycle.
Jekyll enjoys his bed.

Charlie does too.
Interactive playtime. 
Nothing will bring a smile to your pets face faster than a Frisbee or stick throwing session. Act like your younger child self and play a game of tug-of-war. It will add a flush of red to your cheeks and a giggle in your heart. 

Story time. 
Why not throw a blanket next to the couch and spend a night re-telling your favorite pet stories to your best four legged friend? Or write a Valentine’s Day card and deliver it with a quiet night together at home.

The student

Romantic hand holding. 
Take a quiet walk with your pet through the woods, across a field, or even around your local pet friendly park. Go ahead and steal a hug and a kiss under the moon and the stars we won’t tell your spouse.

Do you have any favorite ways to say "I Love You" to your pet? If so, I would love to hear them.

If you have a pet question you can ask me and the rest of the gang anytime and always free.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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