Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Favorite Pet Stuff, Fall Edition 2014

My pets favorite treats.
Stewart's freeze dried beef and chicken treats. 
Only 1 ingredient and made in the USA

My cats love them too!
But I have to break them into smaller pieces.

Visit the cat treat aisle and bring home a surprise.
Wouldn't you be bored to tears if you were closed up at home everyday of every year?

The secret ingredient to every happy cats life;
organic cat nip.
Sprinkle it everywhere!
Think of it like glitter and fairy dust,
sit back, then watch the magic happen!

Halloween cat toys!

Halloween dog toys!

Purple tutu harness with matching leash!

A ball, a bear, a bed, a blanket, and lots of love!
Life is good!

Does your kitty feel pampered every single day

 And, it's time to get ready for Halloween!

Charlie the cowardly Lion.

Jekyll the eight legged
(although they would all probably have cruciate ligament ruptures too!)
arachnid. He currently sits at one fixed, one to go.

Jekyll the shark.
Note the slimming tummy strap..

Jekyll models the frog.
He knows he works it..
So what about you?

What are some of your pets favorite fall stuff?

Please share your ideas, and your pets fall photos. You can find me on Twitter @FreePetAdvice, or on Facebook, or the ultimate pet fan site,

Why do I love Well, because it is a safe, credible place for you to get help for any and every pet question. It is free for everyone to use, and welcomes any and every companion lover the world over. 


  1. My view? People who put costumes on cats and dogs should be arrested for cruelty to animals and made to clean litter boxes and kennels in their local shelter forever, no matter how much 'nip they provided the cats.

    1. I will commence the litter scooping tomorrow..
      Thanks for reading and for the penance assignment..