Sunday, September 28, 2014

What Can We Do To Help More Pets?

I ask myself this every day. I think about it with every pet and every client who walks in our clinic doors. If I see my job as helping pets and their people, and I see soo many in need, I am left asking, "How can I do more?"

Seems a normal extension of our mission statement to help others, (granted we at the vet clinic choose to help others through pet care, but we view pets as a part of the family, so it's all the same, right?). If that's our mission, then how can we help more pets locally that are not receiving care? We already do a lot of work through the rescues, but sadly all of this work is only AFTER disaster has struck. So, I am left pondering....

How can we help pets BEFORE, or better yet, 

How can we help them so that maybe disaster won't strike?

There are little things that we do at the clinic everyday already; The phone call advice to clients, the blog advice, the Facebook help, the connecting people in need with resources, the free exams for found kittens, the housing of a found pet, the list goes on and on... It is the life of a veterinary clinic and the reason we feel called to pet care duty and become a veterinary technician or veterinarian.

And so, I am pondering....

How can Jarrettsville Vet help those who need us the most?

It is still an open ended question,, and who better to answer it then to ask all of you?

Where do you see the greatest need?

What do you do to address it?

And how can we all as a community band together to help the pets in our own backyard?

I have my ideas, but let's hear your first.. What do you think I, or your veterinarian, should be doing more of to help more pets?

And I also wonder, am I alone? Do you ask yourself these sorts of questions?

And as always; my end of the blog reminder...

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