Friday, August 8, 2014

Suggestions For The Cash Growing On Your Trees.

These two lucky kittens walked from the negligent cat breeding farm across the road
into the arms of this savior.
Hard as she tries to convince her neighbors to care about their cats,
they don't, so she takes up the lifelong responsibility.

There are millions of ways and billions of dollars spent on the sheer adoration and healthcare of our pets. As a veterinarian I take great delight in seeing the pet costumes of Halloween, the parkas of winter, the slickers of April showers, and the year round blinged out leashes, collars, scarves, booties, and yes, it has even crept into our clinic (we now use only decorated Vetrap). But when I read the latest memorial offer I wanted to scream.

Coming soon you can send your pets remains into space.

What the hell? What purpose does this serve? I swear I can't even begin to understand.

Dead is dead. No going back, no do over, no bucket list items to cross off  after that last minute. Kaput.

So why would anyone spend $995 to send their pets remains into orbit?

If you have so much cash burning in your pocket that you think this is a great idea give me a call. I would be happy to introduce you to a few of my clients who struggle day in and day out to keep their pets fed, (usually at the expense of themselves), or keep them warm, even when they lack the funds to pay for heat, or watch their cat companions die of something as simple as fleas.

This last week I donated my time, my surgical skills and the clinics resources to save about a dozen pets. These included the weekly parade of unappreciated cats, Charlie, Eve, and Poe, (their stories to follow).

For more information on this service please visit;
For more information on Celestis Pets please visit here.

For more information on the local rescues who support pets in need please see;
No Kill Harford
Animal Rescue Inc
Jarrettsville Veterinary Center Donation Fund

This summer Jarrettsville Vet is sponsoring the spaying and neutering of one of our long time clients, very good friends, and devoted cat clients. We estimate that we will spay and neuter about 40 cats. We do this with the generous donations of our staff, corporate sponsor Zoetis and community volunteers who trap and transport these cats.

Coot one of our resident cats stands watch over the feral kitties.

Zoetis has donated Revolution to treat the fleas, ear mites and intestinal worms that these feral cats struggle with. Many BIG! BIG! thanks to them. (Revolution is my first choice for outdoor cats).

Thank You Zoetis for your help!
The other pets in need that Jarrettsville Vet met this week are;

Charlie, Taking A Stand And Facing The Consequences blog

Eve's post-op pyometra smile.
Poe, deathly ill due to his second obstruction (in 3 weeks).
All of these cases were special exceptions and all would have likely died had they not found us. If you would like to help in their care you can send your $995 to the Jarrettsville Vet Donation Fund and we will help a dying animal live.


If you need me outside of Jarrettsville Vet please send me question at


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