Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Nelson clan, King, Laddie, Yeller, and Rex, all here for annual examinations, vaccinations, and a family portrait.

Savannah eating sausage and eggs for breakfast. I think my husband is starting to get jealous that I cook three meals a day for her and maybe one a month for him. Her saga can be found in full detail here.

Highlight if my week? One of my blogs was published in this months Veterinary Economics! So exciting!
The blog in its entirety can be found here. The Veterinary Economics article can be found here.

A new study just published recommends vaccinating cats in the tail. Why, you ask? Well, there are some cats that develop a vaccine induced sarcoma (tumor) which requires aggressive surgical excision if it occurs. The advantage of a tail vaccine is that the tail is easier to amputate and won't affect a cats ability to ambulate. Here I am practicing on a cat that I just spayed. A nice, quiet pet to practice this on. 

Mondays surgery list was four grey kittens for spays. They were all identical so we had to keep them in separate cages so we made sure we gave the right one back to each owner. (That would be a terrible mistake to make!).

A wonderful client of ours gave us this white cat for our lobby. As cute as it is we found Coot rubbing and purring and courting her all day. None of us had the heart to break the bad news to him.

Kitten number two.

Kitten number three. (I'm sure I took a picture of each of them, but I couldn't tell them apart either).

The big news of the last two weeks, SNOW arrived. Here is Savannah dressed for the elements.

Charlie in his dayglo, and Joe keeping the path clear for the troops.

Can you tell that Jekyll hates outfits (green jacket), and to be quite honest nothing flatters that figure.

Strawberry enjoying a warm meal of left overs.

A slow walk on the slick surface. But styling in the outer gear department.

After a long day of snow play it's nice to relax and have your best buddy help you dry off.

Little Rio back for his first real set of vaccines. He has been in his new home for almost a month. Let me tell you this puppy has figured out that he can just relax and be himself. He has truly come  out of his shell and is taking the world by storm!

Daisy Mae came to  visit. It has been a month since I pinned her femur. You know that things are healing very well, when their parents tell you that she is "back to her old self," and then you see her jump up on that once unusable leg. Her story is here.
I'm hedging my bets that she will be just fine!

This little one was being pushed in a stroller through the holiday crowds at Barnes and Noble. Not surprisingly she got a lot of attention!

Relaxing and taking over the office.This is what my office looks like an any given day, one carpet of pets.

How's this for an outfit? A monkey suit to keep you cozy and warm.All of that snow brought us many a glammed up pet.

Buddy and Lilly in for a visit. Buddy is doing amazing after his laryngeal tie back over two months ago, and Lilly still receiving daily doses of oral ivermectin for Demodex, but looking like a million bucks!

Banjo in peasant head dress, mom Linda takes great pleasure in dressing him up and embarrassing him in front of others. How many of us undergo therapy because of the outfits our parents forced us to wear in public? Noodle, call me, I know a great psychologist, and she's local.

Getting your hand caught in the cookie jar? For Jekyll it was his whole self in the cat cage, to be stalked and terrorized by Tux who refused to let him out before he got busted!

Back at home for our snow day!
The snow started to fall in just a light dusting, and then,

Did this!

The puppies thought it was the best thing to ever happen!

Strawberry, Well, she thought the snow signaled drive thru delivery service.

It might be fun to be a beagle in the great outdoors, but Jekyll will remind us that it is better to be a beagle on a heated blanket on a couch!

The End.

Next weeks Wordless Wednesday is ALL PET CHRISTMAS CARDS!! If you have any please send them my way!

Happy Holidays to you All!!

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