Sunday, February 3, 2013

"No Good Deed..."

The old saying seems to hold true.

Cora has been adopted and found a new home with a family that loves her very much.

But it seems that her original family, who asked that she "be put down because they could not afford to care for her after they had exhausted their  her, called to ask for the money that they had paid for her treatment, be returned.

I almost lost my ability to maintain any shred of professionalism when I heard this.

I was so frustrated that I had to pause before I could respond.

Cora's owners had suffered severe and significant loss, they had only had Cora for two days, and then she had gotten sick. They simply could not afford to spend more than $400 on her care. When they brought her into our clinic they were very clear with this. We tried very, very hard to stay within their budget. Treating parvo is not possible with a puppy that sick for $400, especially if that puppy needs plasma, which costs $300. It was a terrible scenario.

I wanted to remind them that they had decided to put her down, they had put a price on her, not me.

I hadn't given her parvo, I hadn't given up on her, and now I am being asked to return their money?

I had to call them and explain to them that Cora's bill was over $1500, and that the rescue was responsible for $1100. They replied that they wanted their money back because "they were out a dog and $400." I wanted to say, "well if we had put her to sleep when you asked you would be out $400, a dog, and feel guilty about putting her down."

And I had to remind myself that putting her down might have meant that I didn't have to have this ridiculous selfish discussion with Cora's original owners, and that if I had chosen the easy path, to just put her down and move on, then I wouldn't be able to live with myself and I wouldn't be able to see that sweet face and that joy in her wagging tail. So is it about the money? No, not for me. Is it for them? I don't know, but asking the rescue, who has to turn pets away that need help to pay them back is not fair, it's not right, but maybe not all things in life are fair or right?

I had to call the rescue and tell them that Cora's owners wanted their money back. And then I had to remind them, and myself, that we did what was best for Cora, that she is going to live because we and they didn't give up on her. Even though I want to give up on people, sometimes.

So is it really true...that....No good deed goes unpunished?

Cora's Story. Her blog is here.

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  1. Thank you for helping Cora.

  2. Hi Y'all,

    I often hear my Humans say that it is true. I hope not. Maybe it is sometimes.

    I'm so glad you didn't give up on Cora and found a way to help her.

    On Tuesday I have a post about how my Humans didn't give up on me.

    Sometimes financial stress makes humans act in strange ways.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. I'd tell them that they gave her up and it's as if you had put her down. You owe them nothing.