Monday, April 16, 2012

Please Take My Electric Bill.

  Meow – 7 years old                                                       I have had here abt 5 yrs

                Found outside                                                   fixed and front declawed


Ears rubbed, twirled. Likes Head and tail stroked. Doesn’t like sides touched (will bite) don’t Pick up!

Show me your fat belly – will roll over. Likes armpits rubbed, likes gentle rubbing on belly (she doesn’t want you to stop. She will smack at you to continue) or to stop Bite.


Proplan Chicken and Rice. SHe will eat indoor cat, also tried sensitive stomache. SHe will eat Iams Lamb-N-Rice. SHe eats LeSS Lamb-N-Rice + last longer, like small pieces of food better.

doesn’t Like, wet food much, will eat maybe a tbl.sp. of it.

Doesn’t Like – Seafood flavors of food + doesn’t like treats.

sHe eats about 1 cup to 1 ½ cup of food a day. SHe will meow a lot + bite if she is out of food.

SHe drinks + like cold fresh water + likes ICE. She will lick con (illegible) OFF cold drinks. Sometime eat a (illegible) . If she wants fresh wa(illegible) curtain like a Nut.

Page 2 , marked page 2, and titled MEOW

If she is somewhere you don’t want Her tell her out out out repeat Or she doesn’t like her water bottle you can usually just shake it at Her. or 1 squirt and shes gone.

Doenst like to be confined to one space. She will dig at bottom of door, rip carpet, up with teeth (put pepper at bottom of door)

She will not bother carpet anymore. She sneeks in rooms and hides (illegible). Open closets and behind furniture. If you cant find Her shake food. call meow meow

SHe is afraid of kids + strangers. SHe usually hides But if some one tries to pet Her she doesn’t know or like sHe will bite & smack it with Nubs. I tell people Rite away just Rub ears or head don’t touch Belly sHe Bites.

SHe will sleep in bed with you but don’t close door. She likes to sleep in closet too.

SHe sheds like crazy at the time likes to be brushed with fine tooth comb. When she is done she tries to bite you. Stop. (Arrow to page three)

Page 3 March 2012 Meow

I believe she has something wrong with Her back.

If you touch her certain spots on Her back wile scratchen back she will bite & lick Her front chest + legs frantically.

SHe has been scooten her but on floor to cleaa her but.

I can Hold Her by the tail while she is bitten + licken front. I can clean her But. I Have even shaved Her But, holden Her tail, to try to keep her cleanner.

She may be to Fat to clean anymore or combo problems with Back?

SHe likes to sit on deck but wants to comein and out every 10 to 15 min to check Her food, she will take a bite or two then want back out. SHe has to know that she Has even just a coupke peaces of food all the time. I think she was a stressed cat found outside starving and needs to know she always has (illegible) will drive you crazy (illegible) till she get fo(illegible).

Page 4 titled 4) Meow

SHe doesn’t like other Animals but she tolerates Her little dog Joy dachshund Cocker spanial mix they are about the same size. If shes tired of the dog tryn to play with her she will smack the Dog with Her clawless paw. The dog leaves Her alone. Ha Ha Ha Clawless Paws!

Sometimes if you aRe sitting alone she will jump up and sit on your lap to be pet. But only when she wants to. Cant force heR to sit with you.

SHe likes to be talked to sometimes. I call He MOW instead of Meow, sometime [she comes to Both]

SHe us Ready to be treated for Fleas AND Ticks again. I just us drops. The collar she will keep on every other she Has Gotten off and lost no matter what kind or size. I think she would be good with Older people No Kids + Quiet. SHe can also catch mice don’t kNow How with No Claws? SHe likes to Plaw with feathers or whatever on A stick oR string.


This is the letter that was found on top of Meow's carrier. Meow was left at our grooming door one evening a few weeks ago. She is a very obese, very unfriendly domestic short haired grey and white cat.
When my staff told me that they found her I called the police, animal control and reported her as abandoned. Dumping a pet is against the law and is punishable. It is also incredibly unfair and cruel.

As I began to read the letter she was left with I was dumbfounded. There is no explanation as to why she was left, or even a hint of guilt or shame. Did they think I wanted this cat? Do they not know that I get asked almost daily to take someones cat(s), to provide free services to "a cat that just showed up at their door 3 years ago, that they have been feeding for the last three years and has already had 3 litters of kittens, but they can't afford to spay?" Do they even possess reason to understand what abandonment is? What do I do with a fat unfriendly cat?

I had a lot of unanswered questions, a head full of profanities, and an unfriendly cat who liked me about as much as I liked her.

I wanted to scream “If you love this cat so much and have had her for 5 years then come and get her!” “I don’t leave my electric bills at someone else's house? AND, I don’t expect anyone else to take care of my responsibilities why am I supposed to take care of yours?"

And now I have to try to find an almost “unhomeable” cat a home? Or live with the guilt of giving up on her, after someone else who apparently loved her abandoned her?

No wonder she is unfriendly. She lived with some seeminly crazy person and then got dumped at an office full of cats, dogs, and poking needle people.
Half my staff wants me to just euthanize her because they can’t clean her cage or touch her without being hissed and swatted at, and, the other half of my staff wants to try to salvage her and spend the next 2 -to-forever years trying to find a home for her. And then there is me. Knowing that I already have 6 nice cats looking for homes, and I just don’t think that we will find someone for Meow.
What do I do?
When, where, how do I draw the line?

Is Meow my “I give up and I can’t save the world cat?”

I really don’t know.


  1. All of us are grouchy sometime. She sounds like she has good reason, and I recognize good reason. Just love her. She was brought to you because you have that capacity. Most don't. Just love her.

  2. The cat was brought to her because someone can't take care of it. You could argue cant vs wont but that voils down to the same thing at this point.

    You draw a hard line, Krista. You draw a line that allows you to retain your soul, your integrity, and your capacity to do the most good. That's a reverse order of importance. You do it when you are least emotionally involved, so that you have a roadmap to follow for when you are most emotionally involved.

    And yes that all is a lot easier to write than it is to do.

  3. My heart breaks every time I read something like this. My personal take is everyone (everycat) deserves a chance. The cat is justified in being ticked off at the world, it sounds: she's been abandoned and suffered some neglect and now is sitting in a place full of strange sounds and smells. I've seen and heard of some pretty awful cats turning around once given some space and time.

    But I also know that there's limits and it's completely ridiculous to think of a veterinarian as a place to dump pets. But the owner didn't just leave her in an empty lot or a dumpster, or a house they were moving out of, the owner at least had that tiny bit of sense and compassion to leave her where someone might see to it she's taken care of.

    Where is the nearest no-kill shelter? What would it take to get her there? What can a random voice on the internet do to help?