Thursday, February 9, 2012

Too Cute Not To Share

I thought I would keep it light and fun today.

And I was cleaning my photo library and thought these were just "too cute not to share."

Here's my beloved Jekyl-pup looking irresistible as always.

Nothing bring a smile to my face faster than those ears and that timid "you can't resist me" little bow and fast wag. That boy knows how to work the charm!

It's a very good life.

Catching some sunshine. (It gets crowded)

Happy Pups

Oh, Big yawn~! Joe not so happy I am taking pictures, especially because he knows I will post them, no matter how bad he looks or what he is doing.

Always riding shotgun.

Did any of you count how many different dog beds he is in? There are 3 dogs in this house and 9 dog beds. I was actually looking at the new Orvis Dog catalog yesterday and Joe said, "No more dog beds, please?" I said "OK." He might be right about that one.

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