Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Break From The Present To Revisit The Past

I am going to take a few days off from the vet life and the blogging life.

Awful as it sounds I am soo looking forward to a new state of mind. I am heading to NYC tomorrow for my 20 year college reunion.

I can't believe I am really that old!, and that it has been two decades since we were all together inside the gate. We all have our own lives, and we are all scattered around the globe. I will see some friends that I haven't spoken to in 20 years, and some that I see and talk to almost weekly. Oddly, some of my classmates work with my husband, and ironically many of them still make a living on the high seas. For as much as we have grown apart we all still share one of, if not arguably, the most, defining part of our lives. We saw each other at our lowest points, (the constant barrage of stress and subordination, brings even the strongest to their knees), and we have seen each other through the happiest moments, (the weddings and the past reunions and celebrations). I feel profoundly lucky to have been a part of such a small tight knit group of people. I also feel grateful to not be living the life I was trained in that college to live anymore. I can't imagine my life with the starts and stops that you have to live with when you are going to sea for four months at a time. It ruins any continuity with anything. Families included. It ruined many a relationship. For me it ruined almost every relationship. I lost friends, or couldn't make them, because I was always a part-time resident of every place, and I lost pets, relatives, and a husband. It is good money but at a price too high for me to pay any more. I went to Vet School to get out of the Merchant Marine. It was the second best decision I ever made.

I popped into the clinic a few minutes ago to drop off our three dogs, and Jitterbug, (he is 2 years old and can't stay inside by himself for four days), and Wren, the baby. It is like dropping my kids off at camp. I know that they are far safer there than anywhere else on earth (short of being with me, of course!). I leave them with blankets, treats, leashes, and detailed instructions. I know the staff will take excellent care of them. I know this because I have an incredibly caring and dedicated group of people there. Certainly being the boss means they get more visibility, but they are with me at work everyday, so they are comfortable at the kennel on their own campus.

But in true form, I want all of you to know that when I come back on Sunday to pick up all of my cats and dogs the following will happen; the dogs will act like I was gone for a year and a half (secretly we are all flattered and gushy that they love us and miss us that much, aren't we?). They will jump, squeal, kiss, dart, and smother Joe and I. And my place in the universe will be re-solidified. The cats, well, Jitterbug will scream and howl in the crate on the way home, then be right back to normal as soon as I release him in the house. Wren, will do what she does best; snuggle and nuzzle in my neck, (in all honesty she does this to everyone all the time, but I will soak it up, and kiss her and tell her that I missed her very much too.)

So you see, as much as I like, (and NEED) to get away, I like coming back even more. Just because I love my pets soo much, and I love my life, my job, and my practice, every bit as much.

Bon Voyage Amigo's! I will be in NYC painting the town red, dragging my husband all over the grid, buying more than he can carry, and then re-living the good ole days with my old college friends. I'll talk to you all next week.

And I'll post pictures!

Here are some from 20 years ago, plus, at USMMA

 And here is one from a ship, with two friends, on the bridge wing, getting ready for another trip to sea. 1995ish

Ok, Here are the 20 year Homecoming Kings Point reunion Photo's. It was great to see my OLD friends.

For more information on the United States Merchant Marine Academy, in Kings Point, NY. Please see their website here..Or find me at the clinic Jarrettsville Vet, or on Twitter @FreePetAdvice. 

For any pet questions you can ask me for free on Pawbly.com.

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