Friday, February 26, 2016

2016 Price Guide

Examination Fees
Physical exam 30 minutes  $50
Comprehensive or extended exam  45 minutes $63
Annual or Senior Exam 30 minutes $45
Sunday walk-in examination $60
Consultation exam, 2nd opinion  45 minutes  $65
Consultation exam, behavior  60 minutes $100
Re-check exam  $30
Hospitalized patient exam    $30
In patient care    $40
Health certificate (includes certificate fee)     $45
Urgent care (emergency fee during regular hrs, including exam)    $75
Telephone consult - regular client     $30
Consultation w Specialist (doctor time)    $40


Average Costs for the Most Common Emergency Surgeries

Blocked Cat $1000-1200 (Price can vary based on hospitalization stay).
Pyometra Cat $400-600 (Severity of illness at presentation can influence cost).
Exploratory Surgery $1000-1200 (Price can vary based on severity of underlying disease).
GDV (bloat) $1000-1500 (Price can vary on other organ involvement).
Pyometra Canine $800-1200 (Price can vary based on severity of associated illness).
Splenectomy $1000-1200 (May require additional care at emergency facility post-operatively).

Integrative Therapy
Acupuncture, initial consult $95
Acupuncture treatment $75
Laser therapy (single dose <2 areas) $40

Cinderella and Aurora

Other Services
Anal gland expression (w/technician) $20
Anal gland expression (w/doctor)   $25
Microchip $10
Nail trim (canine/feline)  $15

Luna and Chase
Ear flushing/cleaning $25
IV catheter placement $40
Intravenous fluids, first bag $40, $20 each additional bag


Diagnostic Services
Blood pressure evaluation  $25
Corneal flourescein stain  $25
Ear swab & stain  $25
Schirmer tear test  $30
Tonometry  $40

Periodontal scaling;
Grade 1  $75
Grade 2 $95
Grade 3  $115
Grade 4  $150

Dentistry: Surgery
Surgical extraction, minor (surgeon's time)  $25
Surgical extraction, major $100
Average cat dental $250-$350
Average dog dental $350-$450

Diagnostic Imaging
Radiograph, digital (1 view)  $100
Radiograph, digital, additional (2- 3 views)  $150
Radiograph, digital, additional (4 plus views) $200
Dental radiograph, digital (1 view)   $40
Dental radiograph, digital (2-4 view)  $60
Dental radiograph, digital (4 plus views)  $80


Abdominal $200


Lab Fees (includes collection, lab fee, & interpretation)

Bile Acids (pre & post) $100
Biopsy $200
Bladder stone analysis  $215
Blood glucose (single)   $20
Bromide $200
Chemistry and electrolytes $95
Chemistry, CBC, T4 $130
Chemistry, CBC, UA $140
Chemistry, CBC, T4, UA $150
Chemistry, CBC, T4, UA, Fecal Elisa $160
Chemistry, CBC, T4, UA, Fecal Elisa, HW, Ehrlichia, Anaplamosis, Lyme $200
Coagulation Profile $40
Complete blood count  $45
Digoxin $100
Fecal Giardia ELISA  $40
Fecal Giardia w HW, Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis screen $70
Feline antigen heartworm test  $45
Feline leukemia, FIV, test  $35
Feline retroviral $60
Free T4 ED $105
Free T4 add-on ED $45
Fructosamine $75
CBC, chem panel w/electrolytes & T4 (health check)  $145
Canine heartworm $20
Canine heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasmosis  $45
Cortisol 1 sample $95
Cortisol 2 samples $130
Cortisol 3 samples $160
Cytology $180
Histopathology (single specimen)  $200
Lyme test in house $20
Lyme titer $120
Immunity titer test (DA2PPV)  $95
Parvovirus test in-house  $40
Pre-Op Screen w/ CBC $40
T4  $60
Urinalysis  in-house $50
Urinalysis reference lab $70
Urine MIC Culture $200
Urine P:C $85

(This does not include pre-op examination, diagnostics, hospitalization care, or
Mass removal small $200-$400
Mass removal large $400-$600
Anterior cruciate repair, ACL, lateral fabella suture technique $400
Aural hematoma repair  $100
Amputation, toe, $350
Amputation, tail, $350
C-section canine  $400
Cherry eye, $250
Cystotomy  $300
Enucleation,   $300
Entropion, $250
Exploratory surgery  $600 -$800
Femoral head removal  $500 -$900
Gastrotomy  $300 - $600
GDV, Bloat, $700
Intestinal resection/anastomosis   $300 - $700
Lateral ear resection,    $300
Mastectomy, unilateral   $200 - $450
Splenectomy   $500 - $1000
Laser, additional fee  $100-$200
Surgical pack  $35
Surgical supplies/disposables  $20
ECG monitoring (during surgery)  $25
Blood pressure monitoring (during surgery)  $25
Perineal Urethrostomy (PU) $300-$450
Preanesthetic exam fee  $30
Preanesthetic sedation  $30
Local dental nerve block  $25
Wound repairs range from $50-$200


Feline Neuter $60
Feline Spay $100

Canine Neuter $175
Canine Spay less than 50 pounds $225
Canine Spay 51-100 pounds  $250
Canine Spay 101 pounds or greater,  $300
Canine Spay overweight or pregnant $400
(There is a $50 additional charge for pets over 12 months old, and a 60 day grace period for newly adopted pets from a rescue or shelter).

Distemper Combo 3 yr $30
Feline Leukemia $25
FVRCP + Leukemia $30
Kennel Cough $20
Lyme $30
Leptospirosis $20
Rabies $16

What sets us at Jarrettsville Vet apart? We have the best doctors and staff!
We all share a deep commitment to providing a kind, compassionate, hospital centered around caring for pets.
We provide excellent internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, ultrasound, orthopedics, behavior consultations, acupuncture, and even Reiki.
We are open 7 days a week, until 8 pm on Monday through Thursday.
We never deny care to a pet in need.
We have been a part of our community for over 70 years.

If you have a pet you would like to visit with us you can find out all about us on our Jarrettsville Vet Facebook page. You can also find me on Twitter @FreePetAdvice, or you can ask, or answer a pet question at Pawbly is a free online pet community dedicated to helping pets and their people who love them.


  1. Would you say this is a good "base-line" to use when getting estimates for vet care? Of course taking into consideration of geographical location, etc... Curious. This was interesting. Thank you.

    1. Hello,
      So sorry for the delay. I hope that this can serve as a baseline to help understand veterinary costs for services. I also think that veterinary medicine is way over due for a little transparency. Our clients are becoming more invested in their pets care and significantly more interested in veterinary medicine. Why then aren't we open about fees? I think every vet should be transparent. I also firmly believe it will save more lives.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I would say so as a I am a vet with very similar prices.